The Board of Directors of Tonga Terre d'Accueil is only one link that has made the association a success since 2008. A team dedicated to the animal cause, which continues to be committed to the development of the shelter and of his actions.
The Espace Zoologique covers a large part of the association's costs, and also provides the staff who work on the refuge.

Pierre Thivillon Président & Founder

A passion put to the service of animals since the creation of the Espace Zoologique in 1972.

Jean-Christophe GÉRARD Vice-President & Veterinarian

Provides care and intervenes with animals since the founding of the shelter and represents the association with institutions.

Édith BURIANNE Treasurer

An animal lover who puts her expertise at the service of the shelter's administration and accounting.

Jérémy BOIVIN Adjunct Treasurer

Educational manager at the Espace Zoologique who shares the values ​​of the park and refuge with as many people as possible: respect and conservation.

Stéphanie BURIANNE Secretary

For around ten years, he has been providing administrative monitoring of Tonga Terre d'Accueil with great fidelity.

Lucien CHRISTOPH Adjunct Secretary

A fervent animal advocate who has been monitoring donors for many years.

Alexandre BLANCHON Communications Manager, Photographer & Roar-Project carrier

Ensures you are able to share all of the association's events. The permanent link between you and the life of the shelter on social networks and in the media.


There are two permanent animal keepers who take care of the animals on a daily basis. They are the ones who know them best: their temperament, their behavior, and report on their evolution between their arrival and their departure. The team of keepers is managed jointly with that of the Zoological Space. In case of need or intervention, the entire park team is available to the refuge.

Anthony DUREUIL Soigneur animalier

Maxime FERRET Soigneur animalier


Members can attend this annual meeting , which takes place in a room in Saint-Martin-la-Plaine. The purpose of the AGM is to take stock of the events of the year, to take stock of the accounts and to approve the accounts. A tour of the facilities is usually scheduled after the meeting. This is the only time in the year when the refuge welcomes 'visitors'.
As the association is not a place open to the public, there is no accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers. Additionally, this is an official meeting and is not a family outing intended for children.
To participate in the next AGM, join the association! A membership is for an individual and is valid for 1 year, don't forget to renew it and support us every year.