Why help animals ?

Possession of a wild animal is prohibited by law . To enforce the regulations, the authorities are therefore faced with seizures of wild animals for various reasons: illegal detention, poor detention conditions or mistreatment.

However, the State does not have a reception structure for seized wildlife. If no specialized establishment is able to accommodate the animals that are seized in order to enforce the law and thus fight against species trafficking, these animals risk either remaining in unsuitable conditions or, as a last resort, to be euthanized.

The association strengthens the fight against animal trafficking by providing the authorities with authorized placement for seized animals.

    Let's be clear about keeping a wild animal:

  • In France, it is not allowed to have a lion, a tiger, a serval, a caracal, a panther or a primate in your home.
  • They are dangerous AND protected animals.
  • Living with an individual cannot provide for their well-being
  • Pay attention to what is seen on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, the laws are different depending on the country.
    What is legal in Dubai, Russia or the USA is not legal here.