animal trafficking

animal trafficking

This is the illegal trade in wild animals . Its impact is, on certain species, more significant than deforestation, urbanization or pollution.
Animals can be captured alive for the pet trade or killed for part of their body (fur, scales, horns, teeth, etc.).

The vast majority of the animals we collect come from private breeding in France or other European countries and are not taken from the wild. Felines in particular reproduce very well in captivity.

    The main outlets for animal trafficking:

  • The pet trade (growing due to Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, which contribute to the overexposure of influencers or individuals alongside wild animals)
  • Traditional Asian medicine (based on bones, teeth, scales, etc.)
  • Tourism (for selfies, activities, or selling to tourists...)
  • Bush meat

captured animals do not survive transport. To avoid customs controls, traffickers impose atrocious conditions on the animals: tied up, deprived of water, food, lack of oxygen, etc.


the most lucrative criminal activity after drug trafficking and arms trafficking.


1. By proposing a solution to the authorities

Our shelter allows the authorities to enforce the law: seize illegally detained animals and prosecute traffickers, because they have a structure to place these animals. Our shelter takes care of animals and does not have a section dedicated to trials. We do not take part in court decisions.

2. En éduquant : car sans acheteur = pas de trafic

Education is essential. Our job is also to raise awareness, at our level, about the stupidity of keeping wild animals.