The Transition of Circusess

The Transition of Circuses

Animal welfare is at the heart of our work. Scientific research continues to develop and proves to us that, for wild animals, a nomadic life in cramped trailers cannot ensure their well-being; as is training, which we disapprove of. This unsuitable environment cannot allow animals to satisfy their physiological needs.
With the biodiversity crisis and the awareness of animal welfare, it is no longer tolerable to maintain and exploit wild animals in these conditions. The “animal welfare” law passed by the French government in 2021 confirms this moral evolution.

Circassians are wonderful artists presenting exceptional animal-free acts. When they own wild animals, we don't doubt the love they have for them. This is why we want to support them in their efforts to move towards circuses without wild animals.

  • We thank the wildlife owners who have trusted us to care for their animals thus far ..
  • In cases of seizures for abuse, we will always denounce these sad facts so as not to see such horrors repeated. This is why we prefer and encourage a voluntary and peaceful transition to animal-free circuses before the authorities resort to seizures.
  • Our watchword is the well-being of the animals: after their stay with us, we will always seek the best possible placements for the animals so that they can enjoy a well-deserved retirement.
  • Places in our shelter are limited. This is why projects for new reception buildings are being studied in order to be able to house in good conditions the numerous animals which could be entrusted to us by 2028 under the “animal welfare” law.